Catherine McQuaid

Toronto, Canada

@catherinmcquaid B2B Scaleup-as-a-Service
Catherine's Skills
Digital Business Development
C Level Presentations
Social Selling
Customer Acquisition
Lean Business Processes
Enterprise Sales
Major Account Development
Business Development

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Catherine

Business development advisor to enterprise services firms in regulated industries: Health technology, financial services and professional services

Customer Discovery + Lean Sales delivers
1. Repeatable, scalable sales processes
2. Market-tested hypotheses (controlled experiments)
3. De-risked decisions by founder & funder teams


Lean Sales playbook informed by product market fit & customer discovery methodology Market-tested hypotheses (controlled experiments) = informed decisions - Eric Ries

Work Experience

Major Account Acquisition


October 2006 - October 2012

iWound Major Account Development, North America Health Technology Developed Fortune 500 executive-level stakeholder network related to Saas offering Organic CAC $0.22 Social engagement value: $7M (Pay-per-click proxy) HGM North America, Private Equity Investor Segment Financial Services Pioneered high-margin,100% virtual Private Equity sales playbook Private Equity segment spun out as specialty division Profitable Virtual Sales Playbook adopted as business model