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Cecilia Yadid Garcia

Product Manager, Business Developer

Los Angeles, California, US


About Cecilia Yadid

Alright guys. I am looking for a marketer and/or/both business developer to join me in the journey. We will need massive intrusion in social media, video making, and eCommerce. I have the idea, the vision, the will, the raw material, and the time to develop a business. I have receipts and raw material (almost free pipeline of raw material) to create EITHER OR BOTH organic cosmetics or natural supplements or organic "remedies". The formulas, protocols, and receipts I have were developed over 4 different countries, Cuba, Canada, Mexico and USA. I need someone who is interested in this subject and believes with me that our market of organic products is only growing.. and growing.

My raw materials are different consumables from bees. Yes, honey bees. And No, honey is not the only consumable. My vision is to spread to Asia and Latin America after we found our platform market in the US. I need someone who is a visionary, a doer, and believer. I am happy to pitch you my idea and then just mold it or change it or adjust it together. It is up to us. But YOU have to be willing to work hard with me. I work very hard. Again, we will need massive intrusion in social media, video making, and local advertisement. If you speak another language that's a plus.

I knew nothing about businesses 4 years ago. Now, I certainly know a whole lot more. If you are willing to learn what is needed to move forward, then that's all it takes. Expertise comes with experience, as I learned.