Cedric Chee

Singapore, Singapore

Develop techs using AI to solve the toughest challenges in patient care and medical diagnosis
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About Cedric

I am a Software Engineer and Technical Lead in a wide array of business applications in consulting environment. I am interested in web and mobile application design and development, machine learning and cloud computing.

I have over 13 years of experience in creating web and mobile applications. I have designed, developed and lead the software development in verticals like healthcare, medical, travel (e-commerce), media/TV, maritime and more. I have consulting experience with customers from the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and US. I have the ability to come up with innovative solutions to match business demands.

Aside from my day job, for the past 2 years and so on, I have been doing my studies in machine learning and artificial intelligence. I have been building machine learning models for medical diagnosis and healthcare for the past 1 year. I like to train large scale deep neural networks for computer vision and natural language processing.

# The Idea
Our mission is to develop technologies using AI to solve some of the society's toughest challenges in patient healthcare and medical diagnosis for chronic diseases. The idea came about when I have witness repeatedly how the life of our our love ones were taken away unexpectedly due to chronic disease and armed with the knowledge from my AI studies, I believe we can do a better job by applying Machine Learning to the medical domain to streamline the doctor-clinician workflow, thus shorten the continuous doctor-patient feedback loop.

# The Plan
We will develop the next generation of smart applications and platform for doctors, clinicians and patients. Once we go beyond MVP/proto, we have plan to open source the code (no promise yet). We love open source software and its community. We prefer to develop in the open. We welcome contributions from the community.

# The Team
We are looking for a non-technical co-founder. We prefer someone:
- with strong background in business development, sales and marketing
- who will share the same enthusiasm for our idea and project

We are also looking for:
- Research scientists with PhD and interested in AI or Machine Learning research.
- Research engineers with or without PhD to turn AI research and idea into useful application and product.


Improving the world, one model at a time. - Unknown

Work Experience

Founder and Software Engineer


July 2015 - Today

Solving problems in healthcare and medical diagnosis using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We are building an integrated care platform (web, mobile apps and API) for doctors, physicians, radiologist, pathologist and patients. The platform enables the doctors to: 1) provide better patient care quality, 2) improve screening of critical diseases like lung cancer and heart failure, 3) reducing human error (mis-diagnosis), 4) early intervention (shorter feedback loop), 5) lower down cost even further

Technical Lead, Web and Mobile App Developer


March 2011 - Today

1) Technical lead and web developer for Nursing and Clinical Skills platforms, which offer medical students and professionals access to evidence-based medical skills and procedures. We've also done extensive customizations to cater for institution-specific protocols and local market dynamics. At last count, we’ve done implementations in 8 countries, spanning Asia, Europe and Latin America. 2) Technical lead and main developer for Medical e-Learning platform. Through this Learning Management System, medical specialists achieve their CPD certifications at their own pace through peer-reviewed learning activities (like clinical cases, self-test assessments, articles and videos) created via a custom-built content management system (CMS). 3) Lead web developer for HCPro's Comply for Long-Term Care Nursing product, which offer regulatory-compliant clinical resources for long-term care specific nursing procedures for US market. 4) Lead mobile app developer for myMaritime@SG by Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) of Singapore. myMaritime@SG is an iOS and Android app which offer access to news releases, real-time vessel information and alerts and other Marinet e-services. The app was launch by Singapore Senior Minister of Transport in 2015. News: http://bit.ly/2pkUzNQ The app was built using hybrid HTML5 technologies powered by IBM MobileFirst Platform (MFP). We are the first few early users of MFP in production. 5) Android developer for the official 2016 F1 Singapore Grand Prix app. The primary features of the app was developed using native Android technologies and the car racing game was developed using Phaser JavaScript game framework. 6) Lead developer for Samsung's Project Robin. Robin is a retail demo solution consists of an Android and Tizen TV app to improve TV shopping experience. The app was showcased at Samsung SEA Forum 2017. The app was built using Facebook's React Native. 7) Back-end Node.js developer for WYiin e-Warranty REST API for iOS app.


University of Malaysia Sabah

B.Sc. in Information Technology

2000 - 2003

Co-working Space

Vertex TechCircle

2016 - Today