Cédric Colin

Marketing, Programming, Business Development

Paris, France


Startup Experience

First time founder

About Cédric

Who i am ?
I'm am an open-minded guys who like to have fun.
I have 24 year old with a background in software development. I also have knowledges in business inteligence, marketing and project management.
I had the opportunity to live abroad for one year in Australia, also i love travel and do so as much as i can.

I have good ideas and ambition to make my dreams come true
My aspiration is to build a big company for people where money does not lead the way in the decision process.
I dream about equality, empowering people by sharing knowledge for an open world made by it's citizen.

I belive that we are in a wonderfull point in our history and it is now to shape the future by the technology for the generation to come.

I'm looking for building a great team of various skills, someone who share my vision and want to do something great with their life.

The project that i want to launch is an online platform for the citizen of the world. A place where people can discuss and learn from each others. A place where information is free and transparent in order to decide who act and how. Basically it will be a democratic platform where everyone is the prime minister.

I'm currently looking for every opportunities or find other people who want to be part of my dream.

Feel free to contact me for any question/propositions.




Computer Science and Computer Engineering

2015 - 2015


Cisco CCNA