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I grew up smelling the aroma of the tobacco permeated in my nose in the tobacco factories in Havana . i am escape from Cuba by the ocean, on a raft in 1994. A year later, I found myself making cigars for someone in the city of Las Vegas, discovering that the tobacco leaf that we rode arrivals from different countries , did not have the aroma or flavor that i knew from Havana and i decided as a objective recreate the smell of tobacco identical that was stored in my memory from child .explore and examine the fermentation process of Cuban tobacco leaf as well as other countries such as India, Turkey, United States, just to name a few. My goal was to make a organic blend to apply with precision to implement in third fermentation definitely . during 10 years of search and application, I got my goal!. This process began by initiating a search from the smell of my memory. Read the magazines Cigar Aficionado ,to study the characteristics of the cigars were the first places in points of 92 up to 100 points. Then finally, i define the concept, met the organic materials , integrates to contribute to tobacco leaves get quality and the aroma that was locked away in my memory . finally achieve my goal by a combination of agricultural biotechnology .Some procedures used in the manufacture aging of wines and whisky .with the objective to penetrate the structure ,of tissue and oil to the tobacco leaves, altering the characteristics of the cells and oils organic way to give the aroma and flavor set after the third fermentation. i found the formula in my purpose of trust in my sense of smell, Memory and taste which i remembered from my childhood archive in my memory now my product possesses the supreme a unique quality almost exclusive which could be probe by many of those who still had a chance to smoke my cigar ,made with this quality ,richness and aroma. . my brand cigar name: Bariay 1492. It means the place and date where the cigar was discovered by Europeans(Christopher Columbus)I have ready the conditions in Esteli,nicaragua to produce some of the finest cigar that can now go on the international market, guaranteed in quality can be tested to the most demanding consumer in cigar aficionado before producing it .I have a marketing strategy which can guarantee success for the marketing and global distribution




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