Chad Bookidis

Austin, Texas, US

CEO/Chief Creative Officer at On3
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Product Management
Business Development
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Founded 2+ startups

About Chad

It's true, I am a Leader, Creative, Comedian, Laugher, Sailor, Cyclist, Fly-fisher, and Foodie.

I have literally helped businesses and non-profits realize who they are, why they exist, what they do and how they do it. As proof, one of my clients grew from $9M to $16M in less than two years and to this day, defines themselves by the work that I did.

I am recognized as the ambassador to Brandleberg, Brandmont, Brandlake, Brandsylvania and Branzanillia. In that role, I go by Brandleton Cumberbrand. I could’ve just said that I insightfully understand and internalize clients’ brands, but you really enjoyed reading that cheeky bit.

I am more interested in building companies (and people) than I am building my book.
Strategy and I are drinking buddies from the good old days.

I am a badass presenter.

I’ve dreamt up remarkable ways to market hospitals, colleges, beer, airlines, cars, banks, CPG’s, retail, business consulting, and non-profits. I have sold those remarkable dreams to the aforementioned lot.

I have creatively (some would say brilliantly) delivered on time and budget: numerous times, numerous budgets both big and small.

I inspire, motivate, resonate and connect. Whether one on one, or in front of a couch crammed with 17 creatives, I understand what Restrepo means. I am the champion of my team’s dreams and the motherbird of their ideas.

I flirt with and have seriously dated a lot of media. Lately, my obsession goes by the name of social. Despite what you’ve heard, I’m into her for her conversations and her hive-like mind.

I have done the right thing under a most difficult situation, which has led clients and colleagues to comment that they respect the person I am AND the work I do.


Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn't matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we've done something wonderful, that's what matters to me. - Steve Jobs

Work Experience

CEO/Chief Creative Officer


November 2014 - December 2016


California State University - Long Beach


1990 - 1993