Chad Perry

Austin, Texas, US

Tech Co-Founder w/ 2x Successful Businesses
Chad's Skills
Product Management

About Chad

Started coding at 14, selling software at 15, consulting at 16. Co-founded a successful enterprise software product company after college. Then co-founding CTO and developer of a national award-winning fintech startup.

15+ years of professional experience across the board with startups and selling to enterprise customers.

Now I help business and finance professionals build profitable tech companies, guiding entrepreneurs with limited technical background through product strategy and development - to get to market quickly, avoid costly mistakes, and lay the foundation for a scalable business.

Open to partnerships and consulting opportunities, especially seeking highly experienced industry professionals who are solving problems in a market they know extremely well.

Licensed but not current private pilot, real life rocket scientist, bicycle connoisseur, minimalist and extensive world traveler, relentless optimizer, probable nerd-hippie-hipster hybrid.


University of Texas at Austin

Aerospace Engineering

2001 - 2006