Chad Trainer

Santa Ana, California, US

Chad's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Chad

I'm an attorney (licensed n CA and NY), with a background in business development, sales, and marketing. I graduated from a top-ten law school, worked for several years abroad (most significantly in Russia), speak Russian fluently, and am a former Marine. I have startup experience as the first full-time employee (director of investor development) for a successful angel investing platform.

My startup ( launched in April 2016. It is a legal tech platform that is focused on connecting low and middle-income individuals with free (i.e. pro bono) and affordable legal representation. The site's user base (both clients and attorneys) is growing rapidly. Forgive the cliche, but the site has the potential to revolutionize the legal industry on several levels, and its social impact could potentially be very significant. The market base is huge: low and middle-income Americans who cannot afford market rate legal fees, as well as new attorneys who are looking to increase their practical experience in the face of a dismal legal job market.

I'm looking for a developer co-founder to manage the tech side of the business. Digital marketing experience would be a plus, but not a necessity.