Chakrapani Prakash, MD, FACP,CPE

Toms River, New Jersey, US

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Business Development
Product Management

About Chakrapani

XelCare is a network of hospitals and doctors willing to negotiate and accept cash for services. Initially will be offered to inbound overseas patients. Services will be expanded and opened up to the Americans in 2-3 years. Will be an alternative to insurance companies. Income will flow from membership fees to hospitals and doctors; and revenue from ads. Initial investment for equity. Hospitals pay 2500 per month, doctors pay 250 per month. XelCare will do the marketing. Patients will be made aware of facilities where they will know how much a treatment will cost ahead of time. XelCare will also analyze past DRG payments and LOS for a given disease group to arrive at a realistic cost. Everyone wins!


Fellowship from University of Virginia


1987 - 1987


ABIM: Internal Medicine & Gastroenterology

Certified Physician Executive