Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

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About Chandan

I am working on idea of a new social platform of connecting people of all age group around the world on a common ground. This is based on concept of philosophy,psychology, social science. This will be a great benefit to the society and planning to start a B corp. This will have no concept of add friend etc. Depending upon users need it will dynamically connect the people. The user will be anonymous which will help to protect user privacy. Once we have good user base we can reinvent whole advertisement model and since we are not having any user personal identifiable data user will have no concerns. Due to anonymous nature the user behavior would be realistic which can help us to study different aspect of human behavior.

I have filed patient with USPTO in process in building prototype. I am looking few people with background in Web/Mobile technology,Sociology, online advertisement, analytic.... to join me.

Site: Lifepath.Link


Manipal University


2005 - 2005