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Orlando, Florida, US

Reinventing the way people sell & buy real estate
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Looking for a co founder that can code and also is opened to changing the real estate industry and ways businesses exchanges.

Personal Background

Chantal was born and raised in Rwanda (East-Central Africa). While growing up, Chantal had the privilege of living in multiple countries throughout the world.

Chantal is passionate about meeting new people and learning about new cultures and languages. She is somewhat of a polyglot; a polymath and a few other poly’s that perhaps we have neglected to mention. She speaks French, English, Kinyarwanda (her native tongue), three other African languages and is now currently studying Mandarin and Spanish.

Chantal is most happy spending time with family. She enjoys traveling , learning new culture,going to the gym, dancing, meeting new people and volunteering her time to different charities.

Professional & Educational Background

Chantal relocated United States to complete her tertiary education. At the young age of 19, she graduated from the University of Southern New Hampshire with a double major in Business Science and Information Technology.

She began her career in sales and marketing in the Semi Conductor industry for a Fortune 500 company. Chantal was able to quickly move through the ranks in the semi-conductor industry by identifying and opening new revenue streams for the company and within a short period of time was recognized as the top performing sales representative.

In 2003 Chantal moved from Boston, MA to Orlando where she would begin a successful career as a real estate broker. Chantal is a visionary in the real estate market – her foresight has enabled her to flourish within what others would consider a volatile market. She is an avid real estate investor and also specializes working with investment firms (and investors alike), Asset management companies and large hedge funds investing in the Florida market.

In addition to real estate, Chantal also has several offshore business interests in manufacturing and runs an up and coming dotcom business with some exciting new projects being developed in the finance sector.


Our major obligation is not to mistake slogans for solutions. - Edward R. Murrow



BA Computer Information Technology

2001 - 2003

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