charl pearce

Kirkland, Washington, US

charl's Skills
Product Management

About charl

I've had lots of creative business ideas, but this time I am focused on executing before others do. This is my first start-up and I am fully onboard to make this a huge success.

My career has evolved from database development for a production company to 12 years at Microsoft starting with localization moving through content engineering, program management, product management and finally landing in digital marketing. Marketing is where my strongest skills are (even though I wish I was a developer).

My current idea is focused on the fashion industry and incorporates multi-screen support with focus on mobile and eventually kinect-stye features. I am looking for someone technical to drive development and guide the platform decision and investments. Someone that understands the evolution of technology and embraces creative development to keep us ahead of the industry and in the spotlight for showcasing/creating trends.

The most important part for me is the partner and relationship. I'm looking for a partnership where we trust each other and are fully vested in this adventure; pushing and supporting each other through the ups and downs and celebrating our achievements.