Charlene Fletch

Baltimore, Maryland, US

Charlene Fletch's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Charlene Fletch

I am a recent federal government retiree (37 years, international trade management), serial entrepreneur & business investor, STEM fundraiser, and freelance author. I am the founder of T3 Innoventions, a Maryland technology business empowerment firm who has voluntarily raised money for STEM (science/technology/engineering/mathematics) projects such as the JURBAN (Juxtopia Urban Robotics Brilliant Application National) Challenge for area students. I am a Certified International Trader, formerly with Andecker International export/import management agency of Owings Mills. I am the author of Pathway To Your Profit Niche – The Home Business Network Marketing Model, circa 2000.

My special interests are: STEM Technology Transfer, Business Entrepreneurship, Marketing Research, International Trade, Economic Empowerment, hobby=jewelry design. I am looking to partner with and invest in high tech (STEM) startups.