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Charles C. Lundquist

Business Developer

San Francisco, California, US


About Charles C.

11 years ago I started a small "four wheels on the ground" tour business in San Francisco. Over the past 11 years, I've become an expert in knowing the pain-points in the billion dollar sightseeing industry. Tourism is an old industry where paper vouchers, cattle-call boarding, and limited communication are still the norm. It's time to improve the industry.

I'm looking for someone who knows transportation technology, is willing to work hard and build something that can have a major effect not only in San Francisco, but eventually in all major tourist cities around the world.

Currently I am a part of the largest sightseeing business in San Francisco and see every day issues that each business has.

I'd love to find someone who knows how apps like TaskRabbit, BentoNow, Uber, etc. work and is interested in starting a new project.

Product Management
Managing People