Charles Leahy

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Digital Marketing Assistant at Holborn Assets LLC
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About Charles

Since 16 (7 Years Ago) I have been working on the web helping companies with their Social Media Marketing, SEO and Websites, while also setting up a few websites for myself personally. I enjoy being a web geek as this enables me to work anywhere in the world and at the same time do what I enjoy.

From 16 I wanted to make my own money and took to the internet in hope of finding a way to make millions in a week and found a website with a really good video that told me how to........think now they are called Fast Cash Websites, which overall made me about $2 in a month.

However getting into the industry, I carried on creating blogs on Blogger as to try and make $2 from every blog that takes 2 minutes to set-up. After creating 600 I was making a little bit of money a month. Upon turning 17 I decided I was going to say goodbye to "Simon's How I Made $10,000 in a week" websites and try something myself.

After a year of learning more and taking a college course in Media, at 18 I decided to try start an expat website for expats living in Dubai due to my family all living their while I attended boarding school in the UK since 14. It was called Dubai Xpats, which received 1.3 million visitors and 30,000 social media followers in 2 years, however as I began university I did not have the time to keep updating it 8 times a day, and the website slowly lost ranking as new, better funded expat businesses came along.

After this, I started a website which was a search engine for companies in the UK that offered commission in return for leads via referral links, known as Affiliate Marketing. The website hosted 2,700 Companies and people would simply visit the site and choose a shop, with any commission from sales going to charity. A toolbar was also created so people would not have to visit the site and would just receive a notification when shopping online that a donation was available, they click activate, and the site would reload with the referral code added into the url, where they could then continue shopping.

Due to being a full-time Digital & Social Media Marketing student and this not being cheap to maintain, the charitable website and software didn't last long.

I have now been working on and off for the family business in Dubai for the past 5 years as part of the Digital Marketing Operation while still setting-up my own websites to make some extra money on the side with YouTube, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging and so on.

I may not be able to bring huge amounts of money to the table, but what I can bring is a secret nerd who loves working and if in the right industry, would love to partner up with someone on a new and exciting venture and work, work, work for a few years like no one else does, so I can spend the rest of my life like no one else can!

Countries and cultures I have experience in include England, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates and Sri Lanka.

Work Experience

Digital Marketing Assistant

Holborn Assets LLC

June 2015 - December 2016