Charles Short

Columbia, South Carolina, US

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Product Management

About Charles

First: I want to date for a while before getting married to a co-founder;

dating == remote pair programming preferably using tmux and vim;
well actually vim is basically a requirement; i'm willing adapt to particular vim setup.

Maybe, maybe if you are an emacs guru, i will undergo pains to follow your lead. But I don't have patience for gui mouse monkeying.

Pair programming would not need define our relationship. Pair programming can be painful and embarrassing at first.

I also like MeteorJS - but also open to discussing other work flow arrangements. So we can see if we are a good match or not.

I am a computer scientist, with polyglot software experience, I have also spent a lot of time working out a high level design for a web application at the intersection of AI and Social Networking. And I have spent some more time trying to make some decisions about how to practically implement. Mostly focused on JavaScript; with some trial runs with Node.js and Backbone.js; but now looking to use Meteor.js in addition to a separate api server.

The novel design is technically advanced with a patent pending; not trivial to implement. Looking for one or more cofounders with Design and Development skills.



M.S. Mathematical Science

2004 - 2004