Charles Watkins

Atlanta, Georgia, US

Get it done, do it correct and tolerate no dead weight.
Charles's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Charles

I am a Technical Co-founder and 2 time CTO. My partner wants what I bring to the table, seasoned enterprise experience in hardware, software development and planning.

I've had the pleasure of doing just about every IT job there is. I've built several heavy production systems from scratch pad to implementation. I've written API's, services, computer programs, websites, mobile apps and device drivers. I've converted legacy dos banking applications to full blown secure web apps and more. I take challenging ideas and turn them into production ready products.

I have my own compliment of servers (35), rack, battery backups, data storage devices, fiber switches and full hardware redundancy. I can provide rapid development and management of the tech side of things (coders, hardware, deployments, user rights).

I've centered my career around hubs of Technology, Seattle, Manhattan, and now My home town of Atlanta.

There is no writing, just rewriting. Every website is rewritten a few times. After many iterations you have a polished product. Make the first one, the one that gets you funding, count with me.

I will ensure your site will load quickly, handle many users, scale on multiple servers, be secure,and integrate into multiple site levels (development,testing and production).

Side Note:
I'm far more likely to be interested in a conversation with you if you mention your target/goal/mission in the first email. Vague, generic, nondescript emails have a much lower impact.

I've been told that my introduction reads like a sales pitch. It is. This is what I do, and who I am. If painting between the lines is your thing, there are lots of other candidates to pick from, have at it.

Thank you friend.