Charlie A.

Marketing, Business Development

Chicago, Illinois, US


Startup Experience

First time founder

About Charlie

I am creating a web and mobile platform for users to share and post content in a new way. The underlying concept and business model are both simple and unique. Nothing like it remotely exists (trust me I've done my research). As history shows, especially with web and mobile apps, simple is better (think Snapchat). And when it comes to any business, different is better than better (think of how Apple surpassed HP, Lenovo, and Dell with their wasn't because they were better in certain dimensions, it was because they were entirely different). Also, my platform's main stream of revenue is not advertising reliant on a large number of users. When this platform reaches the amount of users where it attracts advertisers, it will already have made a substantial amount in revenue.

I currently have a rough business plan, and a prototype in the works. I am by no means a designer, nor have any development skills. The prototype I am working on is not worthy of being the final design in any way. However, my in-depth explanation, paired with the current prototype, is enough for a talented designer(s) and developer(s) to create the perfect version of my platform. Also, having different-minded people with different perspectives will only result in a better product.

I am currently based in Chicago, but am prepared to move wherever this venture takes me. So if you are not from Chicago, don't worry! If you're the right person for this venture, we will make it work. Ideally, I need a designer and two developers to make this platform come to fruition and I am offering equity in the company, as well as possible payment for services rendered. However, I am more looking for people who will get behind my vision, and be in it for the long run. Thus, they will see the greater value in equity in the long term over getting paid in the short term. Reach out to me if you are interested in hearing more about the venture!

Product Management

University of Arizona Eller College of Business

BS, Marketing

2016 - 2016