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New York, New York, US

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It's as easy to make a billion dollars as a million if you have two things, the right idea and the right people. Actually, it's probably easier because then you're putting in enough effort to make it work because, to succeed, you have to dogwork like you are making a billion dollar company, even if you only end up with a net worth of 5 million.
But I am a craftsman who cares first about creating and delivering a quality product and would like to partner with like minded people.
InkBirds is a social network for creatives which will have several interesting apps to draw people into interacting with others. The focus is on setting and meeting personal goals within small support groups.
Drive and Determination and willingness to do whatever it takes are most important. Next, if also have A or B, let's meet. A: People and managerial skills. B: Technical Skills.
I have had offers to develop with financial backing but would rather keep control.
BirdSeed will be a connected non-profit for motivating pre-college students with the same goal setting in small groups.
And if you love to learn and research and implement new things this may be for you.


Stony Brook University

Bachelor's of Arts

2012 - 2012