Charlie King

Los Angeles, California, US

Charlie King's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Charlie King

visionary. producer. innovator.

seeking cofounders
mobile adtech x product mgmt:
lifestyle management :
contemporary urban sophisticate:

interests: community development, volunteering, startups, native apps, APIs, brainstorming, mastermind groups, meetups, advertising, happy hour, hip-hop, dancing, burning man, coachella, downtown los angeles, malibu, san francisco, chicago.

making new friends. love being of service. great at adding value. very community-centric. master of the strategy session. toastmaster.

idea lab - seeking collaborators
+ book on the art of rap as a practice toward interpersonal excellence
+ book on game theory and it's relation to economics, civics and culture, plus it's contemporary application throughout society
+ weekly publication solely for the new dtla community. mobile app x bathroom reader
+ web series on the contemporary application of chivalry in today's society as told by two really pretty people.
+ web series about how to succeed in los angeles focused on the nuances of the community building eg. being of service, focus on the long-game, concentric circles, make friends, etc.
+ cartoon series named Leo with