Chelsey Siltanen

Los Angeles, California, US

Chelsey's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Chelsey

Over the past eight years, I've found an incredible, personal pull toward the startup culture and the grittiness, excitement, competitiveness, and risk that make it unique.

Beginning with a job in account management at Deutsch Advertising, I was able to see firsthand the general inefficiencies and overspending of Fortune 500 companies, and felt compelled to impact the level and frequency of innovation I saw.

Being a perpetual early adopter, and looking for something smaller with a larger potential impact, I began dabbling in freelance with a number of startups around Los Angeles. I worked with companies in a variety of niches/specializations (ecommerce, real estate, media, music, commodities) working to improve my skill and to establish a well-roundedness worthy of a spot on a small team. During this time, I have been in roles from sales (the lifeblood of most startups) to product management to copywriting to CEO.

My experience in startups has surfaced a few patterns in many companies (including my own) of excess and un-required work. The agony of reverting features, and the victorious feeling of making one minute change that makes you a hero with customers drew me to folks like Eric Ries, Steve Blank, Ash Maura and Derek Silvers. In my product management and executive roles, I have felt increasingly compelled to be the voice of "why?" challenging what would make the next release and voicing the MVP / lean startup, customer development philosophy built by individuals much smarter than myself.

I feel privileged to in some way be connected to the great things happening here in Silicon Beach and hope to continue a career driven by challenge and innovation in whatever capacity.


University of Southern California


2015 - 2015