Chi-chi Nwankwo

Atlanta, Georgia, US

Assembling and building an empire of entrepreneurs. Looking for fellow cofounders.
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About Chi-chi

I'm looking for someone to help take my idea from the business plan stage to the developed/paying customer stage. The business is like a mixture of co-working, hub/hangout, etc.

I'm looking for co-founders who have dreams and visions of their own as well.

In the same way Unilever, Yum! Brands, Johnson & Johnson, etc. own many brands, A pull of entrepreneurs (7 or less) coming together will establish an empire. Who's ready to start?

1) Starting a start-up in the creative industries,
2) Entering fashion (printed design, etc.),
3) Mentorship, and/or
4) Anything else (creative, design, novel, etc.)

If you're interested in any of the following or having a conversation, etc.:

Last Updated: January 2018

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If God says I can, who am I or anyone else to say I can't; A collective group of creatives can bring creativity and design to the masses - Me


Georgia State University


2013 - 2017