About Christopher

I'm 21 years old and have years of strong leadership, management, and sales abilities. I've been responsible for personally generating $600,000 of revenue in a year through my old company I ran, and consulted businesses that have jump-started from 0 to 1.2M dollars in 8 months. I did all of this while simultaneously going to college.

I am looking for someone who is PASSIONATE! And then someone who wants to be a co-owner as a developer (CTO) of our company. I would like them to be skilled at iOS development predominately and if they are good at Android that would be great too. Everyone in our company wears multiple hats. I have one developer right now, but want a CTO someone to give equity. The company is a tech startup and everyone has loved the idea. We barely have a product and investors are already looking to invest in our company.

Managing People
Product Management