Chilann Chan

Somerville, Massachusetts, US

Chilann's Skills
Product Management

About Chilann

Okay about me!

I work in a big semiconductor company as an application engineer. Please don't let the term confuse you. It means I travel to client sites and help them to integrate our chips into their systems. I also do a lot of technical training and moderate marketing in Asia, since I speak the languages.

I am always looking to combine creativity+technology+business together. Thats what makes me happy. :) Right now I have a few ideas and I am currently working on market research to refine some of these ideas better. I would like to connect with anybody who can help me to make one of these ideas a reality. You can be a developer who can advise me about the technical difficulty of the projects, or you can be an advisor pinpointing faults in my business plan/market research.

My business ideas centered around these areas:
1.) Social entrepreneurship
2.) Making your shopping experience better
3.) Connecting people better
4.) Music related
5.) Connecting people to very unique products around the world

I am open to join other ventures too. The main point is..if we believe in the same vision and mission and our skill sets complement, I think it is already a VERY GOOD start.