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Washington, District of Columbia, US

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Hi! I'm looking for the next business where I can commit my time, energy, and passion. I earned my MBA back in 2003, worked in corporate IT sales for a while, then started my own business franchising seven of a popular pizza restaurant in downtown Chicago. We sold to a larger franchisee in 2014. Currently I'm working for a tech startup in Seattle. I'm particularly interested in partnering with someone that has a great product or innovation. I LOVE the idea of TechShop in Arlington, for instance, and what great things might come out of it. My role, then, would be to manage the business itself - get the product to market, set up systems and processes, etc. I am most like best suited for a COO/CEO-type role or a position supporting those roles.

My best attribute in the entrepreneurial realm is that I've already owned and managed (I was the president) a business before. I've had partners, board meetings, fundraising deadlines, negotiations with banks, salary negotiations, talent acquisition, etc. When we sold we had over 200 employees across 7 stores. Payroll, accounting, marketing (all kinds), strategy... I've had my hand in basically every aspect of the business. So I learned a lot in that process.

To be clear, I have no desire - for the moment, at least - to get into another restaurant concept. It is too much work for the ROE! Looking for new innovative concepts and to help on the business side of things. The industry makes no difference to me but I happen to have experience with the following industries:

- Food
- Financial
- IT/Software

I have some ideas of my own about what business(es) to start next, however it seems worth it to see if any opportunities present themselves through this site.

Style - I believe in taking care of the people. I believe in making a positive impact in the world and not just making money, however making money is a must in the business plan. I have Christian ideals and don't really like an environment where people curse, berate each other, etc. I want to cultivate an environment where we can respect each other and act like it. And also have a ton of fun, obviously.

Work Experience

Customer Success Manager


February 2017 - Today


University of Kentucky


2001 - 2003

Centre College

Bachelor's of Arts

1997 - 2001