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Springfield, Massachusetts, US

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I've been running a web development services business for nearly 15 years ( Based largely on this experience, managing a team of 8-15 project managers and developers, I am working to build a novel resource management application that intends to disrupt an otherwise crowded space. The product development is currently self-funded based on profits from the services business. We're currently in early MVP development and validation. Following extensive competitor analysis, we continue to believe that the product is has a competitive edge. It is the first solution within the landscape to take a statistically-oriented modeling approach to the problem with strong emphasis on UX, onboarding, and highly interactive and intuitive data visualization. In academic / CompSci circles, the problem that we're solving is considered "NP-hard" (in the strong sense) and is known by the "Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem" or (worst acronym ever) "RCPSP". RCPSP research is extensive and highly active, and is ultimately tackling the problem with competing algorithms. Our product anticipates adopting these learnings, but begins with solving the common on-boarding friction that the competitors suffer from, and focuses on ease of use, and intuitive, beautiful, and interactive data visualization. Thus, we are laying the foundations applying the learnings of RCPSP research, as well as anticipating integration models for related infrastructure components (again to minimize friction related to adoption).


comparison are odious - John Fortescue

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August 2004 - December 2016

Web development services specializing in Drupal and Magento production.


September 2017 - Today

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Queens College


1989 - 1993

Indiana University


1994 - 1997