Chris Bailey

San Carlos, California, US

Chris's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Chris

Here's an overview of the business:
Cloud Software Review is an evaluation center for cloud products focused on the enterprise. The process is simple and unique; select a business process and software vendors to evaluate, sign up as a real customer, implement the software and report the results. We will also wade through the vendor's value proposition, customer success stories and validate what is real and what is not.

The main goal is help enterprise customers understand where the products excel, how easy it is to implement and use and what to expect for support. You then decide to pilot this for yourselves or not.

The monitization is referral or reselling cloud software and capturing the services business.

What I need:
Someone with the technical abilities to make a lot of this happen. Specifically, help with the website and also review the technical details of cloud software and how it can be applied to the enterprise.