Chris Chen

Melbourne, Australia

iOS app dev 8yrs | Android app dev 3yrs | Javascript full-stack-ish
Chris's Skills
Mobile Application Development
User Experience
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

Age Group


About Chris

Melbourne-based full-stack developer looking for local collaborations. He believes in self-funded, organically growing, profit-centric type of startup ventures.

One of his side projects is, an iOS app which took him 4 months from idea to launch (Dec 2016).
As of Sept 2017, its DAU 250, MAU 1.7k.

Chris' tech-stack includes:
native iOS app development (Objective-C, Swift)
native Android app development (Java, Kotlin)
web front-end development (React, Redux, Bootstrap, Semantic UI)
web back-end development (Node.js, Express.js, LoopBack, MongoDB, AWS, Heroku)
14 years overall IT industry experience

Chris is into endurance sports such as running, cycling and triathlon.


Shanghai Tongji University

B.S. in Computer Science

1998 - 2002