Chris Cotter


Sandwich, Massachusetts, US

Creator of the world's first "mnemonic entertainment" system
Chris's Skills
Branding & Identity
Art Direction

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About Chris

I am an award winning director/designer building the world's first mnemonic entertainment network. Our first product, "The Mandarin Show" let's users self-teach Mandarin Chinese through our exclusive mnemonic entertainment process. We have completed several milestones: creation of the world's first mnemonic entertainment dictionary, filming and editing of video content, and now final app development in progress.

Our work thus far can been seen at:

We are a vibrant group of technical and creative talent who share a common vision to create the world's first mnemonic entertainment system. We welcome meeting with additional potential partners as we continue to reach new milestones. Following the launch of our first product, we will expand the business model by creating applications in multiple languages. We will be seeking investment for more rapid expansion, however, we are self-funding to date.


"WOE is ME." - (Shakespeare.) - No, seriously... "wo" is how you say "me" in Chinese.