Chris Hayes

Maywood, California, US

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I started working in my field at 16 in network administration and hardware troubleshooting in the aerospace industry. Within a year I had moved on to building web applications with ColdFusion for my employer and started a small consulting shop picking up web development work on the side.

I built my engineering career mostly on my expertise in developing web applications and payment processing systems. Growing tired of working in large organizations I moved back into the startup scene several years ago. Since then I've pivoted into, built (and subsequently departed) and I've currently turned my focus to ShoutEngine where I've built out a hugely scalable podcast hosting, analytics, and ad-sales platform that will be entering public beta in June.

In addition to building out ShoutEngine I also co-host and engineer The Smoking Tire podcast, produce the Hooniverse Podcast and Drive + Protect. In a years time I've grown The Smoking Tire's podcast audience from zero to over 600,000 downloads a month.

The podcasts I produce allow me to utilize ShoutEngine to host my shows, analyze traffic patterns and all around "eat my own dogfood".

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April 2013 - December 2016