Chris Heuer

San Francisco, California, US

Chris's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Chris

We've been looking for the right rockstar developer and technical lead who is ready to take on the responsibility for what could be a huge startup on a fast growth track, but haven't found the right person yet. So we went ahead and built the MVP so we could get to market and show people that our idea works. We've got several alpha pilots lined up and unfair access to users and enterprise customers in a our target markets, as well as great relationships with key influencers, analysts and press. Now all we need is the right technical team to build on the MVP and execute on a multi-year product road map that will solve dozens of problems faced by organizations of all sizes. Some people put us in the social collaboration space, but its much bigger then that. We think of it as collaborative productivity, working smarter, together. But its much more then that. If you've been disappointed with how most companies functions, then join us and help build the solutions that will unleash the full human potential that is currently being repressed by arcane organizational structures, policies and systems.


American University

BA Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics & Government

1991 - 1991