Chris Kennedy

London, United Kingdom

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Product Management
Business Development
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About Chris

I'm in the process of setting up a venture in the crowdfunding / p2p lending space aimed at bringing an enhanced level of protection to investors and the businesses that operate within it. It is a joint venture with a company called Grow VC, who have been in the alternative finance sector since 2009, providing a range of business services to the market.

My background is in finance - I have worked in Investment Banking for 10 years, most recently as a VP within Product Management in JP Morgan. I completed an Executive MBA from London Business School in 2016, and from there decided it was time to make the leap into entrepreneurship and leave my corporate job behind!

The company is called Protektr ( and we are at the stage of wrapping up the business plan and beginning a mid-sized funding round. I'm looking for a technical expert who can come on-board and assume the CTO role. We already have the technical components mapped out and a couple of Grow VC resources assisting. However, I need someone who can come on-board part time initially but full time longer term and take over the ownership of the tech side of the business.