Chris Lane

San Francisco, California, US

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Business Development
Product Management

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Founded 2+ startups

About Chris

I spent the first half of my career at Intel learning marketing strategy, process, discipline, and management, and the latter half as an entrepreneur starting 2 successful companies and helping others do the same. My resume says I bring biz dev and marketing strategy to the table, however as a very hands-on type of entrepreneur I've done a little of pretty much everything: startup Ops, finance, sales, product development.

Like most I've developed my own set of guiding philosophies that I feel are important to grow a successful company, such as: rarely if ever outsource - do it yourself, the most effective marketing strategies often are the cheapest or free, every problem probably has an elegant solution - just need a little creativity and added brainpower, relationships drive sales - people buy from people often despite features/benefits/ROI.

I'm looking to join a business partner with an idea that I think rocks, OR to find a business partner who is willing to help me build a new wine retail concept I have. I finished the business plan and technology around a wine shop and lounge that caters to people who enjoy wine but are not experts (which incidentally is 80% of the market). The shop organizes wines by flavor, making it easy for customers to identify the wines they will like. There's then a very high margin business model around building this location to $6M, and a plan for expanding to 8 cities. Ideally I'd like to find someone with retailing expertise, but that's not mandatory.

To prove concept and show traction I'm looking for a developer to help me first design and launch an app that uses this same technology to help wine consumers find wines from their local large retailers that match their tastes. The app allows me to fine tune flavor matching, and ultimately shows prospective investors that there's demand for a retailer who can merchandise product this way.

About me: I'm a high energy, fun person who places emphasis on collaboration, communication, and humor.


Carnegie Mellon Univeristy

Computer Science

1988 - 1988