Chris Mackay

Business Development

Fuquay Varina, North Carolina, US


About Chris

Isn't this the question/answer everyone doesn't ever finish reading.. But I'll give it a go... I'm a Serial Entrepreneur and am currently looking to join forces with other entrepreneurs looking to do the same. I bring a lot to the table and am always willing to go into new things. I have a passion for anything entrepreneur and may bring some cash to the table as well. I am ONLY looking to work with a company my cash goes into.. I'm not one to cut a check and let it ride, just not my flavor. I currently own 5 different companies, and have WAY too much time on my hands, being 3 of them are staffed enough to run themselves... I'm up for working long distances as well as around the block. I have a good interest in tech but also other areas of business. I love to help others with their business when they can't afford to bring a high dollar consultant in to help see what's stuck. Interesting... you made it to the end, Congrats!


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