Chris Marshall

East Northport, New York, US

Experienced, Disciplined Principal of a Software Development LLC. Working on A Larger Venture.
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About Chris

I am a highly experienced, working software engineer, with roots in embedded systems and EE, but have been working with the Apple ecosystem since 1986. I have also done a great deal of Web- and Internet-based programming. I'm an expert PHP programmer, and (finally, now that Swift is 5 years old), I can probably call myself close-to-expert with Swift. I have done a lot of Objective-C, JavaScript, CSS, etc.

I can design very good Web sites, I'm reasonably artistic (I tend to create all my graphical assets, for better or for worse), I can design complete server systems, including content management systems.

I have tens of thousands (maybe hundreds of thousands) of lines of code in the public domain, and a decade or more of commit histories in Git and SVN. I have written complete support sites, my code is heavily documented (I can usually use Doxygen or Jazzy to create a very good document for my frameworks).

I tend to write in layers, featuring reusable components and frameworks (like CocoaPods). I've found that it's usually worth it to spend a little extra time when writing a code module to make it reusable and generic. I've learned that it's best to program things like server and communication code in layers, as that gives you extensible, testable code. You can test each layer, then move on, so the end result means the bottom layer has actually been tested thousands of times.

I've done WiFi/USB device control programming (iOS and MacOS), embedded systems (back in the day, but it gives you a very good baseline when you've written IRQ-based operating systems and drivers in C and C++).

I'm a huge believer in UX and great (not good -GREAT) UI, and am well-versed in many of the tools and techniques you need to get great UI.

That's just the technical stuff. A lot of that was open-source work that I did while earning my bread as a manager. I wanted to stay technical.

I was also an engineering manager for a world-renowned Japanese corporation; where I was an active participant at all levels of development (including strategic relationships with other companies). I have a great deal of experience with international travel, can clean up pretty well (you need to, for Japanese companies), have great empathy for differences in culture, and am used to working in distributed teams in multiple time zones (yawn).

I kept high-functioning, top-shelf C++ programmers for DECADES, not just years.

I'm totally "ship-oriented." Everything I write, I write as ship code; with heavy configuration management.

I'm an excellent (if somewhat flippant) writer. There's a ton of my writing out there for anyone's perusal.

I've trained people. I trained Japanese engineers in Software development technologies, and end-users and administrators of the content-management systems I've written. I am a reasonably good public speaker (not GREAT, but I do OK).

That said, I also have the ability to do "on-the-fly" design and architecture, where the design is developed alongside the code, and believe in super-heavy-testing. Quality is critical.

As you've probably noticed from this profile, I believe in "full disclosure." You should know who and what I am, and what to expect from me. Working together is a big commitment. We'll need to trust each other, and I am a man of the highest ethical standards and Honor.


"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit." - Attributed to Aristotle

Work Experience

Senior Manager, Software Development

Nikon Inc.

November 1990 - August 2017

Started as a software engineer in 1990, and was promoted to Senior Manager over the next few years, where I stayed for the rest of my career. It was a small, high-functioning shop. We primarily worked in C++, on host software for digital imaging. We didn't usually write anything the customers saw; we wrote the engines that processed the images. The position involved EXTENSIVE travel. I was in Japan, generally once a year (or more). I also traveled to Europe and around the US. The team never got larger than 10; pretty much all very experienced, older engineers. The team was disbanded in 2017, as Nikon did some fairly massive restructuring moves. It was a great job. I initially only planned to stay for 18 months, as a "stepping stone," but ended up there for over 26 years. I am proud to have worked with some of the finest engineers and scientists in the world.

Software Engineer

General Electric Information Systems (GEIS)

March 1989 - November 1990

Worked as a part of a large team, developing the Mac client app for BusinessTalk, basically, "AppleLink for Business." Had to solve a number of difficult technical challenges, involving actually having to disassemble the OS in order to track down aberrant behavior. Received GE's Award of Excellence -AFTER LEAVING THE COMPANY (TLDR; They liked me).