Chris Marshall

East Northport, New York, US

Software engineer and developer of Things Apple, living in New York.
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About Chris

I am a highly experienced, working software engineer, with roots in embedded systems and EE, but have been working with the Apple ecosystem since 1986. I have also done a great deal of Web- and Internet-based programming. My weapon of choice, when developing software, is the Swift Programming Language, applied to iOS and macOS. I'm also great with Objective-C, an expert PHP programmer, fairly good with javaScript, and extremely good with CSS/HTML.


I am developing a "full-fat" ONVIF driver for Cocoa. This is a native Swift driver that is designed to work in iOS, macOS and tvOS. It is completely generic, and has an extensible architecture that allows new profiles to be added as necessary. The quality is staggering. It's very, very good.

There's nothing else out there like it. The few examples that I've seen are either "quick hacks" to get at the RTSP stream, or not on the Cocoa platform (or both).

This is the "real deal." You should be able to use the driver to develop clients that will pass the ONVIF Client Test.

The initial targets are Profiles S and the Core. I am also going to develop T and Q handlers.

I was displaying video from Day One, but that's the easy part. ONVIF is about complete control of fairly complex and varied devices.

I am very, very good at Making Things Happen. Don't call me if you just want to spin your wheels, but if you want to DELIVER and SHIP high-quality software, you can certainly do worse than me.

I own a debt-free consulting corporation, and have enormous development talent, enthusiasm and experience.

I have worked closely with top-shelf Japanese, Romanian, German and American engineering teams for decades; earning their trust and confidence.


"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit." - Attributed to Aristotle

Work Experience

Senior Manager, Software Development

Nikon Inc.

November 1990 - August 2017

Started as a software engineer in 1990, and was promoted to Senior Manager over the next few years, where I stayed for the rest of my career. It was a small, high-functioning shop. We primarily worked in C++, on host software for digital imaging. We didn't usually write anything the customers saw; we wrote the engines that processed the images. The position involved EXTENSIVE travel. I was in Japan, generally once a year (or more). I also traveled to Europe and around the US. The team never got larger than 10; pretty much all very experienced, older engineers. The team was disbanded in 2017, as Nikon did some fairly massive restructuring moves. It was a great job. I initially only planned to stay for 18 months, as a "stepping stone," but ended up there for over 26 years. I am proud to have worked with some of the finest engineers and scientists in the world.

Software Engineer

General Electric Information Systems (GEIS)

March 1989 - November 1990

Worked as a part of a large team, developing the Mac client app for BusinessTalk, basically, "AppleLink for Business." Had to solve a number of difficult technical challenges, involving actually having to disassemble the OS in order to track down aberrant behavior. Received GE's Award of Excellence -AFTER LEAVING THE COMPANY (TLDR; They liked me).


Little Green Viper Software development LLC

May 2012 - Today

This is a corporation that was formed primarily to serve as a fulcrum for open-source work, aimed at NPOs (Non-Profit Organizations). Under the Little Green Viper imprimatur, I have released almost 20 apps on the iOS App Store; all with complete, open source code. I have also done a great deal of work on "full stack" systems that involved LAMP server architecture, and various clients; including iOS apps.

Principal Engineer and Founder

The Great Rift Valley Software Company

November 2018 - Today

This is a self-funded software development corporation; focused on writing ultra-high-quality iOS apps (native Swift apps), in "small batch, artisanal" fashion. I will accept work-for-hire contracts (fully insured, and with an excellent configuration management and software development process), and am developing a "full feature" ONVIF driver for Cocoa.