Chris Meraw

Toronto, Canada

Chris's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Chris

I'm interested in joining a high potential start-up and would like to speak with programmers/developers, engineers, product managers, designers and other business developers.

I have a lot of experience in business development and when I find a good idea that excites me, I've been known to get others very, very excited!!!

I bring a good network of finance contacts that can help from the 'micro-seed' stage, all the way up to 'ven-cap' and I'm also familiar with how to properly structure a start-up company in order to facilitate the various rounds of financing needed to develop the business and scale up as we move forward.

I've been a founder in the Internet space before and after many years out of the sector, I'm jumping back in with both feet and looking to join the right start-up as a co-founder.

I'm a giver, not a taker and more than able to lift many times my equity weight in any deal that I commit to. Nothing happens overnight and I've got up to five years available for the right situation.

I'm prepared to sign your NDA/NCA in order to get a full view of your vision and ideas!

Looking forward,

PS - In my opinion that BOSI profile questionnaire needs some serious debugging... pretty hard to 'pigeon hole' a personality with 10 multi-choice questions!

With that said, I consider myself to be a patient person and have always helped team members to learn from and overcome any mistakes. Things are moving way too fast these days and nobody in their right mind would spend all their time trying to micro-manage people, so I believe it's important to empower people to take full ownership of their work and/or role in a group situation.

And when it comes to motivating and keeping top managers loyal for the long-term, I've been there and done that, I get it!