Chris Nwakalo

Madison, Wisconsin, US

Chris's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Chris

Over the last few years I never had an exact word or phrase to describe myself as an entrepreneurial minded person, until I read this well written article by the Harvard Business Review( Since reading it I have come to realize that I am what they call an "Idea Fuser". Besides that understanding, what I do know about myself is that I am a guy who truly understands tech development, but is not technical (Lol… I am a Junky by the way). My skillset is routed in other parts of business, which are equally important. In the 21st century I pride myself on having unique expertise & vision when it comes to product & market research, corporate strategy, team building, brand design, go-to-market strategy, and marketing. I have over 2 years of product & market research experience and for the last 4 years have made strides in creating products and services that have had real impact for others in the world. Entrepreneurship and connecting people are essentially my passions.  

I would like to connect with a talented developer experienced and/or passion for learning new languages and frameworks. Someone looking to work on projects that will offer financial opportunities, build portfolios with unique work, and more importantly - make real impact on users/clients and society as a whole. Opportunities like working with NEW VYBE, the innovative group fitness company that I am currently the Chief Brand Officer of - poised to disrupt the fitness industry by focusing on creating great "Transformative Experiences" for our customers. Web Tech will help us in our goal!