Chris Phillis

Charlotte, North Carolina, US

Chris's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Chris

* With no marketing, our first 5 conversations have pre-registered for our product. (Current application status - clickable prototype.)
* We have a very clear Go-to-Market
I am looking for a Developer with skills in JavaScript, PHP, JSON, SQL and ASP.

Join me in revolutionizing the way millions of home searches are done each day. Since 2004, I've tirelessly helped homebuyers with their home loan financing. Now, I'm taking this knowledge and building a better system. Helping consumers is the driving force behind this company and the open distribution channels in which our service(s) can be provided are what make this such a big opportunity.
With a unique mind set and 11 years of hands-on industry experience, I am very passionate about connecting the business of real estate and the business of mortgage financing. My previous business experience also includes turning a small amount of cash into a sizable real estate property portfolio. I know real estate!
I need a partner who shares my same indefatigable work ethic, but with the tech skills I lack in order to take this to market.


SUNY Albany

BA Communication

2002 - 2002