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About Chris,

I have a long background within the healthcare industry as a consultant with fortune 500 companies such as Humana and also Mercer. My entire life has been in government and healthcare post my college career. Two years ago, my family andI had an experience that changed our lives via a home invasion. Every since that situation happened, I have gone through a rebranding phase of my life and have been looking for a solution to help with the rising crime in Atlanta and the world.

I am the sole founder of a new concept that will marry technology with security resource professionals via a on-demand application. I have invested in gaming technology in the past but have never been on the startup side. Currently looking for a co-founder with a programmer, developer or operational background; preferably female. This innovation has the opportunity to produce revenue during the first two months of launching as I have a target market as well as law enforcement and political support around this solution in Atlanta and Los Angeles.

I am at the MVP stage with our technology, which will launch here in Atlanta late August. My current President and COO is Dave Tompkins, former CMO at Churchill Downs. Dave brings a C-Suite level cache along with West Point undergrad and a Stanford MBA. Our VP of Security is Josh Smith, ex-law enforcement officer and veteran. He comes from one of the largest security firms in the world, managing over 500 security employees.

If you have a background or interest in this venture, please feel free to contact me at as I'll be sure to respond to all in a timely manner.


Chris Rich


“The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do” - Walter Bagehot

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