Chris Ross

Louisville, Kentucky, US

Co-Founder of SafeSubs
Chris's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Chris

I am an “idea guy” who consistently seeks solutions to issues that need to be addressed. My career has been filled with projects, website development, data analytics, process improvements and product ideas. I look at my surroundings on a daily basis and seek ways to improve them. The majority of my side projects are a direct result of me seeing a problem, understanding the market size for the problem and designing a solution to solve that problem. I bring this thought process to my job as well.

I have created and sold two websites. I consider myself a jack of all trades but a master of none. I understand design, UX, marketing, and development. Taking two websites from an idea, to a successful business you learn every part of the business, I definitely know my strengths and weaknesses.

I'm currently working on my latest project SafeSubs. I'm looking for a marketing partner and possibly a developer to take existing code and help move this project forward.

Work Experience


Constant Content

January 2004 - January 2008

I took an idea and developed it into one of the Internet’s largest marketplaces for SEO-based content. I sold this company in 2008.



January 2019 - Today

SafeSubs was created to bring a sense of community back to social media by using a common interest: the safety of our children. My Co-Founder and I saw common issues in our neighborhoods even with all the technology available now, we had no easy way to solve those problems. This is how SafeSubs was born. Parents want to protect their children as well as give them the freedom our generation had growing up. We saw this problem as an opportunity to build an app that allows parents to create small neighborhood communities in which they can easily communicate and share location details of children, giving everyone peace of mind.