Chris Sheard

Manchester, United Kingdom

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Product Management

About Chris

So the pitch- basically I want to create a truly unique market place dedicated to football. Today football shops (and to some extend the sport itself) is starting to lose it’s soul. Pile high, low prices dominate the high street. I want to create something that allows the smaller retailers to compete, where sell-confessed football geeks (like me) can buy retro shirts, old school leather footballs, official signed shirts and memorable from years gone buy. Not the latest Man Utd shirt at £59.99.

I think there is beyond demand for this, I think there would be passion for this. But I don’t want to big the actual business up to much. I have a few potential names, an outline of a concept and a few crude ideas of business development and expansion. This is very much day 0, but I want to get this trading as quickly as possible if I find the right people to get behind this. Then we can build the concept together.

I’ve long enough in the tooth (at 30) that for this idea to go live quickly, successfully and to scale quickly I am better going at this with partners, so that’s why I am here. I’m after 1-3 partners max to help me bring to market. The key criteria for this project is passion- both for the concept and football (ideally your as geeky as me) or it wont work. In terms of business skills, my approach is- we’ll need all skill sets eventually so I’m open to who joins. Whether you are a digital marketing professional like myself- or you have a complimentary skill- ideally a developer or business development. I’d ideally want you based in the North West, worst case UK only.

If this has caught your attention- drop me an email.