Chris Smith

Louisville, Kentucky, US

Chris's Skills
Cloud Computing IaaS
Cloud Consulting
Cloud Development
Cloud Applications
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Chris

I am an entrepreneur who is launching an online personal introductory (dating) platform in an industry that has been projected to grow by 200 million dollars in 2014-21015.
The product positioned to be every country around the world has been built and is live in production.

The initial launch will be in the US and Russia / Belarus followed by a plan of 20-40 other launches within 6 months or less.
I have bootstrapped the product development and wrote much of the software.

I am looking for an individual who is hungry to assist in marketing the platform , developing the platform and business opportunities within the countries that we aim to launch in.


Univerisity of Memphis

Juris Doctor(J.D.)

2001 - 2001