Chris Wessells

Salt Lake City, Utah, US

Chris's Skills
Product Management

About Chris

Update: I found some partners. We have medical software with customers. I will keep this profile active, but unfortunately I do not have time to take on other opportunities right now. I am interested in networking and seeking mutually beneficial relationships.

Someone I can trust that balances my personality. I work too many hours and have too many ideas. I need someone to help ground me and as passionate as I am about the affliction of entrepreneurism. I have tried a companies and I will have many more. I need someone who can withstand the challenges.

I am very experienced in IT and web development. I can code and like to build my own prototypes, but I don't want to code. I want to see everything come together into a system or solution. I love working with people and making their lives better with technology, or at times the confirmation they are doing all they can for their goals and aspirations as a company, because some people don't want to grow.

I have many ideas and work on developing some for business, or developing some as my personal interests. I want someone who can contribute to my ideas, and also have some of their ideas too. I need someone who is detail oriented and enjoys the detailed coding. I can get it together, but would be better if someone cleaned it up and took it to the next level.