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I own a sales/service based company. Have over 20+ years of experience in professional sales/services in the B2B business world. I know the intricate details forward and backward. And I know there is a HUGE need for a true SaaS based solution for companies in the small to medium categories. Most software packages have obviously been designed by those "outside" of this type of business structure because their software lacks anything even closely resembling a solution. I've spent over 10 years trying to find a software package that will properly support even the basic needs of my company's daily needs. When I look at the world of sales/Service based companies, this is a very very large market! Especially in the small to medium target range.

What I seek is a software engineer. A person who can help me create the perfect SaaS software package. I have all the expertise needed for the actual configuration, modules, features, etc. What I don't have is the skill to assemble it.

I know what business owners/managers need to run this type of business. And I can tell you that right now, the only thing they can do is juggle data back and forth between multiple platforms, and there's even a lot of missing elements which would be so simple to add, but 90% of the available packages don't have it.

The going rate right now for a SaaS based program that meets less than half the requirements sells around $65 per user, per month. Adding in some bolt-ons that gets you to around 80% will cost you an additional $35 per user, per month.

Using a forum group I joined to assess value, I found that owners/managers would pay up to $135.00 per user, per month for a software service that would provide the features that create a total solution. I also determined that more than 85% of those polled agreed they would leave their current setup without any reservation if they could find a system with the features I've proposed....

If you're a software engineer/writer/editor - Whatever the correct terminology would be, and ready to "earn" the rights to richness, contact me! I assure you, this isn't a small task, but it also isn't a small reward!! This is a genuine need, and there is a large scale of vertical markets that will find great value in our efforts!