Christian Bogue

Raleigh, North Carolina, US

Christian's Skills
Business Development

About Christian

I'm a marketing/sales/biz dev guy with a pretty good eye for strategy and sustaining competitive advantage as well. My experience thus far has been in PV solar energy and new market entry for foreign firms, but my interests lie outside the industry as well.

I'm looking to conceptualize/find an asset-light business model, ideally with a sustainability or social enterprise spin to it. No retail store units or restaurants please, only businesses you can run from a laptop. App development is fine if it's a genuine value add in the "roving ice cream truck finder" or copycat apps either.

Looking for a co-founder(s) with engineering or deep technical skills to handle product design/development as well as an IT expert to design, build, maintain an outstanding site and web presence. Three man team is ideal: The Engineer, The Tech Guy, The Salesman (me).

Candidates should value time-to-market over lengthy planning, sold product over heavy upfront "investments," and have a good set of morals to guide their decisions.