Christian DiPaola

Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, US

Christian's Skills
Business Development

About Christian

I'm an orthopaedic spine surgeon. I'm in the early stages of developing a business tcalled "BrightwoRx" hat will facilitate technical innovation by surgeons. I have filed for incorporation with my business partner Allen Carl, (another spine surgeon) and have performed a market survey of our target audience/community. I need a mentor. I will eventually need a business developer/partner to help take this idea to a viable entity.

Current needs:
1. Someone who I can trust (I value the Cornell connection). This person could be a mentor or someone willing to work for an equity stake in our business.
2. Ultimately I need help taking my 30 page free hand business plan and put it into a real world template and help me fill in all the gaps.
3. Advice on the "1000+ incremental steps" I need to take to get my ideas into a functional concept that is generating business activity and commerce. I have the "destination" and many of the "landmarks" in mind but need help building the "map" and full "trip plan" of how to make it reality.
4. Connection to the right people who would be interested in advising and perhaps funding this venture.