Christian Newth

San Francisco, California, US

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Ever think it's weird that despite the pervasiveness of social media, there isn't a fun, low-friction platform to get aggregated opinions about current events and social situations? Twitter gives us individual opinions and trending sentiments, but we don't really know what the crowd thinks, as a whole. Instead, we ping our friends to ask whether "something is weird" to get a laugh or to help inform our actions (e.g., "Is it weird that my date hasn't called me back after 2 days?"). The app I've created -- Weirdthat -- allows you to anonymously ping the crowd for opinions and find out what the universe thinks.

Weirdthat has just been released on the Apple App Store, and I'm looking for a technical co-founder to help drive the vision forward (note: my current developer isn't interested in being a co-founder, hence the search). (please note the site is in alpha; putting it here for info purposes)

About you:

After starting 2 companies and working with many engineers (in my professional and personal lives!), there are only a few non-negotiables:

- Passion: I need someone to share my vision, be a creative problem-solver, and to give it their "all" to make something great. If you're a passionate software developer looking for something you can sink your teeth into, I want to talk to you!

- Smarts: In the startup world I believe passion and smarts often trump experience. Given the dynamic nature of a startup I'm looking for someone who is smart enough to drive their own work forward but humble and resilient to try new approaches when old ones fail. Oh, and you have to know how to develop mobile apps for iOS and Android!

- Communication: Most problems can be solved through good communication. I'm looking for someone who knows how to talk to and work with a team. Seamless collaboration between the development & product/marketing teams is going to be key to the success of this service.

About me:

Professional background: Passionate entrepreneur with a clear vision. Strategy, marketing, and finance experience (3 years in each) and this is the second company I've started. Former management consultant with experience leading several successful, high-profile growth and strategy engagements (promoted ahead-of-fast-track). Alumnus of elite management training program at major global biopharma firm in South San Francisco. Enough technical experience and knowledge to avoid sounding like an idiot (well, most of the time!).

Education: MBA (Strategy & Marketing; graduated with honors) - University of Southern California; BA (Economics) - University of Southern California


University of Southern California

Bachelor of Arts - Economics & International Relations

2007 - 2007

University of Southern California - Marshall School of Business

MBA, Strategy & Marketing

2011 - 2011