Christian Valdivia Torres

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Christian's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Christian

I’m a manager at Accenture Italy where I’m working for 10 years, being involved in management consulting projects both in Italy and abroad (EU, US, GCC).

In my work experience I had chance to participate to a differentiated range of projects, giving me a good degree of flexibility in my approach and a wide span of skills and know-how. My working attitudes and skills are better leveraged in context characterized by uncertainty as I’m an initiator and advisor.

Projects I joined include processes analysis and improvement (e.g. lean operations, cost reduction programs, retail network audit), organization and people empowerment (i.e. Lean Six Sigma continuous improvement programs, managerial training, HR function set-up), infrastructure set-up (e.g. contact center start-up, business intelligence systems) and strategy review and definition (e.g. turnarounds, new market entry studies, industry studies, operating model design, company start-up).

I've realized entrepreneurship and innovation is what excite and energize me most, i have some ideas and would like to leverage on them to drive my career towards this. I seek to share both ways experiences and advises with people like me or more experienced than me.

Feel free to reach out to me!