Christina Huan

New York, New York, US

Christina's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Christina

I'm a dog lover and mother of one very spoiled fur-baby. What my dog eats is important to me. I believe that all dogs deserve a chance at a quality, disease free, long life and it all starts with what a dog eats. Fresh natural food helps dogs live an average of 3 years longer! My vision is for my business to serve fresh, homemade dog food for every dog in NYC. I've been in the pet industry for the last 5 years managing my parents pet shop. I'm also a volunteer pet detective with the Mayor's Alliance.

I'm looking for an advisor and a co-founder to help me grow my business. An ideal advisor would have experience in operations/ strategy/ finance. My ideal co-founder would be out-going, a self-starter and have experience in finance.