Christopher Diamond â—†

Business Development, Design, Programming

Mesa, Arizona, US


About Christopher

Are you an independent web developer looking to increase market share and income? I'm looking for a professional to team up with me and help build a thriving Web Development, Marketing, and WordPress Maintenance business in the East Valley. I have over 10 years experience as a Consultant, Support, and Security Analyst with banks, major entertainment and Big 5 corporations. I would like to focus on the Sales, Marketing, and Business Development side of the business helping out with the technical side as well. The perfect partner would focus helping with developing the business and day to day management. I’m looking for someone with vision towards the future and would thrive on staying on the leading edge.

There might be a possible minimal investment for expenses such as office rent and utilities but we can discuss that.
Email me with your experience and any questions you might have.
- Chris

Co-working Space

Gangplank Chandler